Happy New Year 2020!

Between the Years Contemplation II

Healthy and successful New Year to everybody out there!

2020 started with some nice hikes around the lakes, basically: around the lake, into the sauna, than into the lake and to the open fire to warm up again with some really good risotto. Our usual family move into the woods near New Year turns out to be – as usual – the right trip to sense the details a wee bit different … maybe also to re-weight our activities. As Timmerberg published recently: we didnt believe that time would move so fast and now it is happening.

A good place to shutdown all the noise – especially since the network access is nearly fully absent here (you have to climb a hill :) – Strelitzer Land – we should buy a house here – so these words will be uploaded some days later. After being totally knocked-off by a bad infection that came from a splinter in my foot I am now fully recovering and moving my fitness with regular running to my usual level.

Planning for 2020 is in full swing – I will likely travel to the very North this summer 4 weeks starting somewhere in July and planning around the sailing season 2020 includes some nice highlights that will hopefully all be doable – we will see … some potential events clearly overlap (f.e. the 2.4mR IDM is intersecting with German Classics). August is full of nice racing events – I will have some weekends open in Sept:).