Sören Hese works as a self employed freelancer in the domain of yacht and regatta sailing photography with focus on classic regatta events.
Central motivation for his photography is a fascination for aesthetics and a search for the perfect bokeh and composition.

He also works as an expert in satellite and UAV image data analysis and digital image processing for scientific environmental applications in forestry, urban structure analysis and links between urban build-up structure and mental health at the senior scientist University level.

The online image archive provides the largest image repository  of the classic yacht regatta events “Havel Klassik“ and “German Classics“. Sören Hese is based in Berlin/Germany.


All photographs, text and layout: copyright 2004-2023 Sören Hese. Full or partial use for commerical or private purpose must be licensed. This explicitly includes all forms of use within social media and on private or commercial websites.

Digital Workflow:

Full uncompressed RAW (NEF) image processing workflow using Adobe Lightroom Classic & Photoshop, 35-46 megapixel 14bit imaging using large color spaces, state of the art full frame (FX) sensor technology, most recent lens technology and post processing including lens correction, defringing and conservative artifact free sharpening.

LBA Flight Licenses for Copter Flights:

UAV LBA registration and piloting:

  • LBA Fernpiloten-ID: DEU-RP-159kpeu9z09j, 
  • LBA Betreiber-eID: DEU3ex81106w94oh,
  • EU Kompetenznachweis A1/A3,
  • EU Fernpilotenzeugnis A2,
  • EDR-4 Berlin-Wannsee HMI – Flugsperrzonen-Freigabe für
    • 2020-2021:  LFR/1.12.1/0203-002/20
    • 2021-2022:  LFR/1.12.1/0340-002/20
    • 2022-2023:  LFT/1.12.1/0327-006/22


  1. Top80 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2021
  2. Top20 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image of the Century (2020)
  3. Top80 Mirabaud Image 2019
  4. Top80 Mirabaud image 2018
  5. Winner of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2017
  6. Top80 Mirabaud Image 2015
  7. Top80 Mirabaud Image 2014

Image Archive:

NPS Membership

A2 Fernpiloten-Zeugnis 2020-2026.