Sailing Season 2019

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Finally the season 2019 started. Planning was pretty difficult this year since I have a lot of research UAV flight campaigns planned this summer that will also start at the event weekends. So I had to reject two very nice event shooting offers that came in lately – usually not what I do ;-).  So this year season starts for me in May since I was in Italy in April to relax and recharge from some stress-full Jan/Febr/March deadline dominated months.  Eastern in Italy is as always a joy – I used to just follow simple rules here and shot along the given trails of travel photography without too much extreme experiments – its more about relaxing with the family, cooking good food, visiting very small country side villages and enjoying the much more culture- & art/history-oriented way of the Italiens (3 days Garda was kind of the contrast program since it is so crowded over eastern). Also seems as if I could stay there for longer … in Italy :).  Some shots attached.

Sailing event planning this year is around Havel Klassik, 22sqm GO, Classic Week and KiWo, German Classics, 470IDM, and about ten smaller racing events, plus planned client shootings. There is one wild card that I would like to do but cannot fix right now. Overall I will concentrate more on payed assignments and these typical on-speculation shootings (in Berlin) will be reduced this year. So more to come …  See you on water than. RTI and Tempest will be first in Berlin.