The Mirabau Yacht Racing Image Contest 2018 started

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For those interested: the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Contest just started. Over 100 Pro photographers submitted their shot. Mine is visible here:

You can vote using Facebook for the public price but the real price is again given by a jury later this year. Stay tuned how it goes. Last year I made it and won this contest, which was a great surprise and propelled everything to a new level –  likely not happening so quickly again ;-) – but as usual being part of this is what really matters and I am really happy to be in the preselection. 

Here my contribution: (FLICA II at the German Classics 12mR Cup in August 2018):

12mR K14 FLICA II, a Laurent Giles design was launched by W. Fife & Son 1939. The shot was taken at the German Classics 2018 with a very long exposure time and using a ND filter setup. The panning effect in this shot was increased by orbiting FLICA II with the RIB against the moving direction. Thxs to our RIB team for making this possible.