Finally the MacBook Pro Update

Apple finally managed to update the MBP line. There wasn’t too much excitement about this announcement but the new Thunderbolt technology is going to become a selling point for those of us dealing with larger amounts of raster data. 10 Gbit/s – thats roughly 1.2 Gbytes/s and this is enought to manage a data stream from two RAID HD systems and other peripherals without slowing. If this is the future – than the MBP is the first system that is ready for it. Question remains: where are the peripheral components that work with Thunderbolt? Anywhere someone with a 4TB Thunderbolt G-Drive? MMmh…

I have been pretty busy the last two months but hopefully there will be more time to post more often here now.

For those more into nature photography: the Mecklenburg-Strelitz Gallery is online now.

“An ode to the Müritz National Parc area. The forgotten jewel of german nature.”