MacBook Pro & feeling home again with UNIX

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Waouu  – I just have to leave something about the MacBook Pro here as a long time PC/WIN/Linux user: this is an amazing piece of computer technology. I just received my new SSD based MacBook Pro 17 and wasnt sure for a while if the switch to Mac OS X is a good idea.  My main concern has been that some software solutions are not available for Mac OS X. This is a problem for specific GIS and Remote Sensing software solutions in my science domain (and it remains the weakest point of the switch, although Parallels works as quick and nice as advertised). BUT to keep it  simple: the hardware quality is just amazing and the Unix foundation of the Mac OS X shows – its just a rock solid system. After using plastic Notebooks for years the solid feeling of the full metal minimum tolerance body design of the MBP is a pleasure. To have a Unix terminal at hand whenever some shell scripting is needed is just great.  Makes me feel like being back on a SOLARIS Unix system years ago writing my PhD – married with a fast graphical desktop surface  OS X 10.6  on top of the NEXT Unix core “Darwin” – the whole package seems to be well thought through.

I am just starting to dig into the system secrets of OS X but some literally rough edges are obvious – and I guess  Ill find more: the keyboard layout is just strange, the front body design features a sharp ridge that easily cuts through every pullover (form did not follow function here), there seems to be no fn-f5 or related to switch between beamer and monitor (no: cmd f1 or fn f7 doesnt work, nice try) and who the heck invented this mini-display port? – whenever I need a HDMI/VGA/DVI adapter I have the wrong one with me, Office2008 MAC is a bit slow and doesnt work reliable with Office 2007 files, uups?  :).



PS: forgot: the Jeton gallery went online – some shots from the fall-regatta race organized by the SC-Wannsee.