Seglerhauspreis & Kaiserpokal in Berlin

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Nice test for the Aquatech rain covers (for the 400mm f2.8 and for the 70-200). It was raining like hell …  so much rain that I wasnt so sure about my water protection system anymore. The back windows of the Aquatech hood at the camera body side started to get a wee bit foggy but that was it – the rest stayed perfectly dry. Clearly this is a “thumb up” for Aquatech. The stuff is build nicely. I am talking about these rain shields: but I am also using the “Think Tank” version for the 70-200 and it also works very well. More or less these covers work like a GoreTex Raincoat and seams are nicely sealed. The covers even work when serious wave spray hits you but make sure you have a big towel at hand for the front glass (and no – it wont harm the front glass to dry everything with a towel – as long as you havnt used it as a beach towel :) ).

You can find a collection of preview shots on FB, full gallery by the end of the week on