Brittany Selection Online

A selection of my 2014 Brittany shots is now online available under .

The coastline is full of remarkable spots for coastal/landscape photography. We travelled 4 weeks from Cap Frehel to St.Brieuc to Plouha, Paimpol, Lannion, Roscoff, Plouescat, and than towards Brest and Crozon.  Its one of these regions where it is a lot of fun to frame new perspectives although most of these spots have been photographed to death – there is hardly a coastal area in Brittany that hasn’t been photographed in stormy/twilight/foggy or in any other condition and at all times of the year in a professional quality and with lots of appealing concepts. But never less – its a lot of fun to travel this coast and photography always lets you experience colors and textures – nature in general – in more intense way imo.  You also get used to not only watch for the sun position but also for the tide rhythm. The appearance of this coast is very much dominated by the tide – to get the color of light /evening or morning light in tune with your preferred tidal situation can be very challenging.

Plage Palus

Pointe de Pen Hir

Pointe des Capucins


Le Chateau de Dinan