Into the Night with Fyr-Trailing

Online again and back from wonderful slow and appointment free weeks.

Fyr Trailing – something I had in my mind since the first time I started shooting light houses in the night. But in 2004 there was no way to get reasonable results in the high ISO range. Right now with the very high ISO and  (comparably) noise free digital full frame cameras  these shots are just possible. The shot below comes from stacking 12-18 single 0.5 second exposures with ISO3200-6400 into one image. This generates the star shape of the light from this light house (Kelsnor Fyr/Langeland, DK). I will give some more details about shooting these “Fyr-Trails” but it boils down to finding the right 15 minutes (when light levels are high enough to get short exposures and low enough to see the sparks.