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Links:  Only few of the sites that I seem to check on a regular basis. Friendly Nikon gear and photography forum (partly subscription based). Best suited for advanced Nikon related topics - renamed to "fotozones". More technical information is at DPR , The Mansourovs or DigitalLoyd Rick Tomlinson Photography, Yachting-Photography, author of "Shooting H2O". Very creative and aesthetic designed and layouted website. Maybe one ot the most beautiful photo sites? Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography NÆRFOTO Bjørn Rørslett from Norway, lots of information about Nikon lenses and IR photography. Recommended! (not activley updated anym.) Michael Clark Photography. Inspiring adventure photographer, writes a very good newsletter, some great eBooks. Good source for various information about photography - though more beginner oriented, also a very friendly forum for questions. Photo.Net. Joe McNallys Blog about his work on photography - this is pretty much one of the best and inspiring photo blogs together with maybe Vincent Laforet. Vincent Laforet - the one who created "Reverie" with the 5D mkII - and became famous over night - great creative DSLR footages. The Galen Rowell Memorial Webpage. Website for the legend photographer Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara Rowell (both died tragically in a plane crash). Philippe Plisson  -  ocean and maritime photographer and author of various ocean photo books. "By Thom" - author of lots of eBooks. Gifted writer with tons of nice gear reviews, great and often updated website. Cliff Mautner Wedding Photography - inspiring Blog about his wedding photography experiences


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